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During these uncertain times,  IAC Acoustics is committed to staying connected with our reps, customers and constituents.  With social distancing in place for the foreseeable future, we have adapted all of our in-person training resources to a distance learning virtual platform.  We are offering an extensive list of AIA accredited CEU’s and Consultant focused, highly technical virtual presentations. Here you will find a library of options for virtual training and education.

Online & Live Webinar Learning:

Acoustics A-Z: Products & Applications for Architectural & Industrial Noise Problems

Unwanted sound can become more than a mere annoyance. Excess noise has been found to increase stress and distraction, reduce learning and productivity, and even lead to hypertension and permanent hearing loss. This course presents an overview of how sound is described and measured and discusses the many industrial and architectural products available to control noise in virtually any environment.

CEU Information:
Online Course: AIA/CES Learning units:1.50
Live Face-to-Face Course: AIA/CES Learning units:1.00

AIA approved course.
AEC Daily reports Learning Units on members’ behalf.

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Technical Virtual Presentations:

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Available topics include:

Accutone2 Architectural Enclosures

  • Topic will cover: performance, configurations, finishes, design considerations and capabilities
  • Presenter: Jeremy Vizza
  • Length: 30 minutes + Q&A
HVAC Products & Systems
  • Topic will cover: advantages, HVAC Virtual Tool, HVAC Snap Tool, dust silencer dynamics, performance considerations, product range & features, louver products & features, fabrication, applications, installations, pipe & duct lagging material, and Quiet-Vent Silencers.
  • Presenter: Darren Riley
  • Length: 45 minutes + Q&A

Noise-Lock Doors & Windows

  • Topic will cover: overview, test data, UL Listings, NoiseLock Door & Window advantages, specifications, product comparison, features, capabilities, performance rating range, hardware, project examples, and installation details.  
  • Presenter: Mike Rubino
  • Length: 30 minutes + Q&A

Outdoor Acoustic Barriers

  • Topic will cover: overview, acoustic performances, product selections, access doors, installation methods, acoustic screen configurations, barrier products & characteristics, support structures and application examples.
  • Presenter: Dan O'Brien
  • Length: 30 minutes + Q&A

Sound Absorption Panels

  • Topic will cover: Sound absorption panel project considerations, panel configuration, acoustic performance, product selections, attachments, installation methods, real-world applications, and capabilities.
  • Presenter: Dan O'Brien
  • Length: 30 minutes + Q&A

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