INC Dynamometer Test Rooms

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Dynamometer testing of engines, motorcycles, vehicles and components is an essential process in performance tuning, troubleshooting, R+D development, endurance testing and verification of horsepower and torque. The PowerSports industry relies on dynamometer testing to maximize performance, provide & validate after-market products and properly tune today’s high performance engines.

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Essential For Professional Dyno Testing

You’ve made a substantial investment in your dynamometer, personnel and training – to make the most of that investment and set you apart from your competition, you need to perform your dyno work in a dedicated, properly designed environment.  The use of an INC Professional Dyno Room by Industrial Noise Control will:

•Maximize your dynamometer investment
•Provide a controlled testing environment
•Ensure test and tuning repeatability
•Provide a safe workspace for your technicians
•Showcase your dynamometer facility
•Be a quiet neighbor
•Attract and impress customers

Industrial Noise Control (INC) offers a complete line of affordable, functional Dyno Test Rooms just right for any dynamometer set up. Designed and constructed of our rugged industrial duty modular acoustical panel system called Panl-Wall™, our Dyno Test Rooms are easy to install, easy to move or change with your facility and built to last.  Design and performance features have been developed and tested specifically to work seamlessly with a variety of dynamometers and equipment applications to ensure a minimum of 40 decibel (dBA) sound level reduction and reliable proper ventilation. INC offers the most comprehensive line of Dyno Test Room packages available on the market today with pre-engineered kits specifically available for:


• Motorcycle Test Rooms
• Engine Test Rooms
• Chassis Test Rooms

The Cost-Effective Alternative


A pre-engineered modular Dyno Test Room from INC is much less costly and performs substantially better than any custom contractor or user built room using conventional building materials. Additionally, the long list of features and benefits you will enjoy with an INC room will set you apart from your competition by making yours a state of the art professional dyno testing facility allowing you to take advantage of these key benefits:


  • • Pre-engineered rooms available in kit form
  • • Guaranteed predictable noise reduction – 40 dBA or more!
  • • Known fixed cost – stays on budget
  • • Qualifies for accelerated depreciation and tax savings
  • • Qualifies for accelerated depreciation and tax savings
  • • Single source performance responsibility
  • • Modular panel construction – easy to erect and change
  • • Easy two-person assembly
  • • Rugged corrosion resistant galvanized steel construction
  • • All Components meet ASTM E-84 Class I Fire Rating
  • • High performance acoustical doors and viewing windows
  • • Safe effective exhaust gas extraction and cooling air flow
  • • Fast predictable project completion scheduleflow
  • • Safe effective exhaust gas extraction and cooling air flow
  • • No construction dust – minimal disruptions during assembly

Basic Dyno Test Room Kits

Each of our standard room configurations is supplied in a kit form with all of the components required for a complete assembly including:
  • • Modular acoustical wall and roof panels
  • • High performance acoustical doors
  • • Detailed assembly drawing and instructions
  • • Typical Construction Details
  • • Base channel, joiners and trims
  • • Caulking and assembly hardware
  • • High performance acoustical windows
  • • All rooms are ready to accept an INC SuperVent™ ventilation system
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INC Panl-Wall™ Modular Acoustical Panel System is the basis of construction for our standard Dyno Test Rooms consisting of pre-engineered, modular acoustical components with these construction features:
  • • Factory pre-fabricated modular 4” thick wall and roof panels
  • • Sound transmission loss ratings from STC-41 to STC 52
  • • One-piece panel joiners provide leak proof assembly and structural rigidity
  • • All Components fabricated from corrosion resistant galvanized steel
  • • Solid steel exterior, perforated steel interior and fully insulated
  • • Sound absorption rating NRC=1.05
  • • Components of like size and type are fully interchangeable
  • • Heavy gauge steel base channels and finishing trims
  • • Viewing windows are double glazed acoustical tempered safety glass
  • • All Components are non-flammable and meet ASTM E-84 Class I Fire rating
Technicians & Engines Can Breathe Easy
Of course a Dyno Test Room is only as effective as it’s ventilation system, and our optional SuperVent™ system guarantees to remove all heat, carbon monoxide and other combustion and exhaust gases while providing fresh air for engine consumption and operator comfort without sacrificing any noise reduction! Even when making long dyno runs with an eddy-current or other load applying device, such as when fuel injection mapping, our SuperVent™ system with our unique flow-thru design and exhaust source capture reduces harmful carbon monoxide levels to as low as 4 ppm.