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Noise-Lock® Acoustic Doors

Since 1949 IAC Acoustics has installed more than 100,000 sound control doors in a wide variety of applications with STC (Sound Transmission Class) ratings from STC 43 to STC 64 and NIC 70 assembly. All IAC sound-rated door designs are tested in the IAC NVLAP accredited Aero-Acoustic Laboratory. Of greater importance is consistently high in-field noise reduction attained under actual job conditions. IAC delivers a fully factory assembled door unit including leaf, time saving split frame, seals, latching hardware and glazing. IAC Noise-Lock® custom doors are designed to meet your specific functional and dimensional access requirements.

Product Applications

  • Auditoriums
  • Concert Halls
  • Control Rooms
  • Convention Centers
  • Conference Rooms
  • Engine Test Cells
  • Music Practice Areas
  • Offices
  • Machinery Enclosures
  • Radio
  • SCIF’s
  • Mechanical Equipment Rooms
  • Recording Studios
  • Secure Areas
  • Pulpits
  • TV
  • Stage/Prop Areas
  • RF/Acoustic Shielded Facilities
  • Test Facilities
  • Vibration Test Labs

IAC Door Features

  • Fully factory assembly and functional testing
  • Self-aligning magnetic seals provide durability and high field STC ratings under adverse conditions
  • Cam-lift hinges and ADA compliance
  • NVLAP Laboratory Testing of all designs
  • Time saving split frame
  • Wood Veneer finish over 100 species
  • SCIF Rooms


IAC Acoustic Door Ratings

  • 20, 60, 90 min and 3-hr Fire  3 PSI Blast  STC 43 to 64 and NIC 70 assembly.



Noise-Lock STC 64 Data Sheet
Noise-Lock STC 61 Data Sheet
Noise-Lock STC 55 Data Sheet
Noise-Lock STC 54 Data Sheet
Noise-Lock STC 53 Data Sheet
Noise-Lock STC 51 Data Sheet
IAC Noise-Lock Doors Brochure


IAC Case Study Art Institute of California
IAC Case Study Chautauqua School of Music
IAC Case Study Honolulu Community College
IAC Case Study KMA Music Studios
IAC Case Study Palladium Performing Arts Center
IAC Case Study Second Line Stages Film Studio
IAC Case Study Talking House Studios

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