Noise-Lock® Acoustic Windows

IAC Noise-lock® acoustic windows can be manufactured bespoke specific to your application and are available in STC ratings from 35 to over 59.

  • * Factory offices
  • * Factory enclosures
  • * TV studios
  • * Radio studios
  • * Audiometric rooms
  • * Test cells
  • * Translation booths
  • * Music practice rooms
  • * Hotels
  • * Offices

IAC Noise-lock® acoustic windows are laboratory tested and manufactured with precision from strong, durable metal (aluminum or stainless/galvanized steel) with reliable acoustic seals. We factory assemble for rapid, simple installation and ensure perfect integration with any construction system.

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Laminated safety glass, One-way vision mirror, Bullet resistant, Polycarbonate, Non-reflective and heat resistant..

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