Accutone2® Assent™ Series

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The Accutone2® Assent™ Series is an innovative medical booth that provides an exceptional level of speed and efficiency when outfitting your medical facility.

This cutting-edge booth features a low profile, eliminating the need for a pit or space for a ramp, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations. 

Assent is designed to be highly versatile and meets ADA compliance standards. It features a 33-inch-plus COW opening door, customizable dimensions, and a low-profile design with only a half-inch rise, ensuring accessibility is built-in from the start, reducing the need for pre-installation modifications. 


  • Rapid Installation: The innovative design has a sheet steel floor with underlayments that emphasize efficiency.
  • High Performance: The medical booth offers superior construction and functionality, outperforming traditional solutions in the market today.
  • ADA Compliance: The booth's low-profile design, featuring a half-inch rise and a 33-inch-plus COW opening door, ensures seamless ADA compliance from the moment of installation, eliminating the need for post-installation modifications.
  • Optimal Dimensions: With customizable configurations, the booth provides ample space for accurate and effective audiometric testing.

IAC Acoustics Unveils the Accutone2® Assent™ Medical Booth for Rapid Installation and Superior Performance

The Accutone2® Assent™ Series is a state-of-the-art low-profile medical booth designed to transform audiometric testing facilities