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Noise-Lock® Doors at The Foundry in Cambridge, Massachusetts

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The Foundry in Cambridge, Mass

IAC Acoustics Provides Custom Noise-Lock Door for The Foundry

Located in the heart of the Kendall Square neighborhood, The Foundry is a self-sustaining center of creativity and collaboration offering the Cambridge, Massachusetts community opportunities in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math.

Measuring a sizeable 50,000 square feet interior and an additional 4,000 square foot exterior, The Foundry provides space and programs for both visual and performing arts, crafts, technology, entrepreneurship, workforce education, and community activities.

The Foundry facilitates access for residents, especially those in underrepresented communities, to the dynamic working and learning environment of Kendall Square. The building also provides office space at and below market rates for businesses and non-profit organizations.

One of The Foundry’s larger spaces, located directly adjacent to a city street, required access for large items and requested a 10’ W x 12’ H stage door while maintaining the target acoustic performance and necessary egress.

The Solution

IAC Acoustics worked with QuietStar Industries along with The Foundry’s architects and contractors to design a custom STC-51 Noise-Lock door for a clear opening 10’ 3-1/2” W x 11’ 10-3/4” H that also included a 6’ x 8’ double door inside of the larger opening. The smaller door allows foot traffic and an entryway for the building, while the larger door can accommodate the loading and unloading of event materials. The full opening is rated at STC-51, which achieved the target isolation between the performance space and the adjacent public street. 

The Results

IAC and QuietStar were able to meet or exceed all expectations for the project, creating an opening that looks fantastic and performs even better.

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