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Palladium Performing Arts Center

IAC Acoustics Noise-Lock® Doors and Windows Provide a Perfect Solution for The Palladium Performing Arts Center

IAC completed a project in Carmel, Indiana at The Palladium Performing Arts Center, considered to be one of the finest acoustical venues ever built in North America. The hall will be used to present all forms of classical music. It will also accommodate various forms of acoustic and amplified concert performances such as jazz, symphonic pops concerts, and lightly amplified pop and world music concerts as well as amplified speech events.

Custom Configurations

For this project IAC provided Noise-Lock® acoustic doors for seventeen openings: 3’ x 7’ single-leaf; 6’ x 7’ double leaf; 9’ x 8’ STC 64 double-leaf; 8’ x 7’ STC 61 double-leaf; 6’ x 7’ STC 42 double-leaf and 6’ x 8’ STC 51 double-leaf.

The doors were selected for sound critical points one of which was the loading dock. Two pairs of STC 61 doors were used to separate the busy and noisy loading dock and carpenter shop from the back stage area. IAC also provided doors for the mechanical room as well as IAC Noise-Lock® windows 8’-0” x 4’-6” STC 59 for sound and lighting control booths.

STC 51 doors were used for practice room spaces that were scattered throughout the center, some of which are for the general public areas. These doors were shipped prime painted from the factory and local wood workers outfitted them with veneer and molding making the doors part of the architectural vision.

IAC Noise-Lock® acoustic doors were specified on this project by Artec Consultants, Inc. of New York City. Acoustical testing, which would guarantee the performance of the Noise-Lock® system, was required.

IAC doors are produced as engineered systems; each complete system, including leaf, split-frame, seals, hinges, and latching hardware is factory assembled and laboratory tested for performance in a NVLAP Accredited Laboratory.

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