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WNYC National Public Radio Station

WNYC Going Forward With IAC Acoustics Noise-Lock® Windows — An Alternate View

acoustic windows npr
During Phase I in 2008, WNYC, America’s flagship National Public Radio station, moved out of their previous home of 50 years and relocated their radio station to a Tribeca warehouse where they turned their studio into a state-ofthe- art broadcast center. With the help of IAC technical representative Quiet-Star Industries, IAC provided (40) Noise-Lock® STC 51 doors and (40) STC 57 Noise-Lock® windows for this phase.

Phase II began in 2009. WNYC wanted to create the first ever ground floor performance space where New York passersby can see live broadcasts from the sidewalk through, of course, IAC windows. Due to the construction of the space, the window that was needed had to be double glazed with a three-degree slope and a corner angle of 116 degrees.

The architect also wanted the window to be free from any horizontal mullions, so a butt glaze was required. The windows long leg was eight feet three inches long and the short leg was three feet four inches long. The entire window was four feet high. IAC was able to meet the architects need to engineer and construct this window and achieve the acoustical rating of STC 57, which is comprised of ¼” and ½” thick laminated safety glass. This window was completely factory glazed in our shop.

In the end, we had very happy customers with a ground floor performance space for all New York passers by to see.

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