Noishield® Continuline Sound Barriers

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IAC’s Noishield Continuline is more aesthetically pleasing than a traditional barrier wall — it allows architects and customers to conceal their structural members. The Continuline panels are the same construction as the standard IAC FS panels.

The key difference is the endcap — the endcap wraps the column; leaving an architecturally pleasing reveal that mimics the horizontal reveal already prevalent in the system.

Laboratory Rated Acoustic Performance STC-30 to STC-33 / NRC 1.00 to 1.05

Excellent weather & corrosion resistance. Galvanized steel materials with powder coated finish applied post assembly. Fully non-welded construction to avoid damage to galvanized coating.

Free-standing, able to span supports of up to 20 feet depending on local codes & wind-speed requirements.

See It In Action:

Noishield Continuline Systems offer multiple panel configurations and a range of sound transmission loss, STC & sound absorption performances to match each project's unique requirements.

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Continuline Features

  • Superior aesthetics
  • Special slotted end-caps
  • Solid front face of panel conceals the column
  • Acoustic & architectural screen in a single assembly & installation

Typical Applications

  • Rooftop systems
  • Train/rail systems
  • Ground mounted
  • Chiller, generator & compressor packages

IAC Acoustics supplied a hemi-anechoic testing facility that met all the customer requirements for sound transmission loss, and acoustic absorption requirements.