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Audiology Booths

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Audiology Booths

  • • Booths and Rooms for non-clinical use such as psycho and bio-acoustic research
  • • Compact, “mini” acoustic booths
  • • 85 standard Booth and Room designs available offering different sizes and configurations
  • • Single and Double Wall Booths, offering varying levels of sound attenuation
  • • Made to order Design Booths and Rooms
  • • Special Jack Panels
  • • Silent ventilation
  • • Custom paint finishes

Audiometric Screening Booths

  • • The New IAC 252 Series Mini Sound Shelter: IAC’s best selling booth for hearing screening
  • • The IAC Model 40A-1 compact, single-wall standard booth
  • • The IAC 120A-1: A popular, standard double-wall booth with structurally isolated inner room, offering a “high” level of attenuation
  • • Complete design, and advice service