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Mobile Audiology Booths

mobile audiology

IAC’s audiology booths provide specialty vehicle manufacturers the best environment to meet the industries mobile screening needs. Our vehicle mounted mobile audiology rooms are perfect for employee examinations where permanent facilities do not exist.

IAC Acoustics supply audiology booths to a wide range of markets:

The U.S Department of labor instituted the occupational noise exposure regulation 1910.95 in 1970 which states “The employer shall establish and maintain an audiometric testing program as provided in this paragraph by making audiometric testing available to all employees whose exposures equal or exceed an 8 hour time weighted average of 85 decibels”

Our Architectural Team can be of immediate help to provide Mobile Audiology Unit advice for you.

Advantages of IAC Acoustics Mobile Audiology Units:


PDFAudiology Brochure
PDF40a Classic Series Audiometric Booth Data Sheet