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IAC Acoustics Introduces IAC Acoustics Sentry®

N. Aurora – February 27, 2019 - IAC Acoustics a leading manufacturer of metal noise control products and solutions serving the industrial, commercial, architectural, and construction industries, is pleased to introduce the IAC Acoustics Sentry®, a line of acoustical components and modular rooms designed to meet and support the needs of SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities) integrators.

IAC Acoustics Sentry Features Include:

  • Modular Designs- Demounted, rearranged, and re-installed in new locations as requirements change.
  • Custom Engineered- Built to your and/or the sponsoring/accrediting agency’s specifications.
  • Installed- Will fit in new or existing buildings either as a room lining or as a free-standing structure

“We are both proud and excited for the opportunity to partner with reputable and respected SCIF facility integrators across the United States, “ said Thomas Heins, Sales Manager for IAC Acoustics.“Our intention is to support and execute on the needs of the integrator for high performing SCIF rooms as part of the overall design in these facilities.”

IAC also manufactures a full line of best-in-class Noise-Lock®acoustical doors, deployed in challenging modular and traditional SCIF applications around the world, meeting demanding ICD 705 sound remediation requirements that exceed STC 64.

IAC Acoustics Sentry SCIF rooms are a critical component to the overall design and effectiveness of secure facilities.Our proven acoustic expertise and guaranteed performance ensures that the arduous requirements of a secure facility will be achieved.

About IAC Acoustics

IAC Acoustics leads the market in metal noise control system products and solutions, including HVAC silencers, acoustic louvers, sound control architectural doors and windows, and sound proof rooms.

For more information, contact:

Jennifer Chagnon
Marketing Director, Sound Seal

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