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IAC Acoustics Introduces IAC Quick Ship Door Program

N. Aurora – April 3, 2017 - IAC Acoustics, a division of Sound Seal, and a leading manufacturer of metal noise control products and solutions serving the industrial, commercial, architectural, and construction industries, is pleased to introduce the IAC Acoustics Quick Ship Door Program. The Quick Ship Door program is a streamlined door product offering being made available through our distributor partner websites as well as our corporate website. The program allows for standard doors to be shipped within 15 business days of order placement.A Request for Quote form can be accessed and completed through an online webtool that immediately notifies the territory distributor of the customer inquiry, allowing the distributor to review up front quote details and return a price expeditiously to the customer.

The Quick Ship Door Program offers:

  • A virtual interface to select your door size, fire rating and hardware
  • An STC 51 rated acoustic door that comes prime painted ready for field paint.
  • The Quick Ship Doors come fully assembled including factory installed seals and hardware.
  • Each door is pre-hung to ensure proper fit and finish in the field.

About Acoustical Solutions

“We are very excited to offer this quick ship program” said Jennifer Chagnon, Marketing Director for Sound Seal. “We recognize the internet as a major market for business growth and want to provide a product offering and a user friendly platform that fits in this space.With the virtual RFQ component of this program, we feel confident we have a simple, user friendly option for those in need of a fast and high performing solution to their noise problems.”

About IAC Acoustics

IAC Acoustics, A division of Sound Seal, leads the market in metal noise control system products and solutions, including HVAC silencers, acoustic louvers, sound control architectural doors and windows, and sound proof rooms.

For more information, contact:

Jennifer Chagnon
Marketing Director, Sound Seal

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