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Moduline® Acoustic Enclosures

IAC Acoustics Moduline® acoustic enclosures protect workers and the community from noise generated by manufacturing and power generating machinery.  In industrial settings, noise from this equipment frequently exceeds OSHA limits for hearing safety while also impeding communication.  Without noise control remediation, local noise ordinances at plant property lines may be exceeded.  IAC Acoustics' line of acoustic enclosures are an effective and efficient way to address these problems.

Acoustic Enclosure Literature
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IAC’s acoustic enclosures offer the following benefits and key features:

  • Over 12 different acoustic panel constructions, allowing the selection of the most cost effective option to treat any given noise control problem.
  • Laboratory tested performance ratings for sound transmission loss (TL) and sound transmission class (STC), to indicate sound blocking capability through walls, roof and floor surfaces of the enclosure.
  • Laboratory tested performance ratings for sound absorption coefficient (α) and noise reduction coefficient (NRC) to indicate sound absorbing capability within the interior of the enclosure.
  • Transmission Loss (TL) data is provided in full octave bands from 63 Hz to 8 kHz.
  • STC ratings range from Noishield Regular, STC-40 to STC-62 for Noise-Lock IV Hard/Hard, and even up to STC-70 for a Gemini double walled construction.
  • Integration of lighting, ventilation, fire fighting systems, air-conditioning etc
  • A modular system with a single-piece roll-formed "H" joiner for certified acoustic performance, reducing the risk of compromised performance from a "stick-built" solution, where performance is based on varying assumptions and trade practices.
  • Available sound and vibration isolating floor systems.
  • Available Noise-Lock sound control door and window systems, permitting access and visibility while maintaining acoustic isolation. Noise-Lock door and window systems also include laboratory rated performances.
  • Available UL fire rated panel designs as well as UL fire rated door assemblies and also options for blast and ballistic resistance.
  • Available ventilation systems designed with noise-suppression capabilities, including IAC Acoustics Quiet-Duct and Conic-Flow silencers, standard designs for connection to host building HVAC systems and integrated in-wall silencers as well as active ventilation components.
  • Standard packages for lighting, electrical and mechanical system components as well as the ability to fully customize the enclosure for unique customer requirements. When desired, electrical services can be integrated into the construction of the panel at the plant for a superior aesthetic and an unobstructed interior.
  • A variety of structural support options that permit large enclosures with interior areas unobstructed by frequent columns or posts
    The flexibiity of a modular system that can be matched in size and shape to field conditions. IAC Acoustics' Moduline enclosures typically ship knocked-down as a set of components for simple and cost effective shipment to the jobsite where they can be installed quickly and easily by skilled contractors with common tools.
  • Designs for interior and exterior installation sites.
  • A single point of responsibility for all the different components that affect the acoustic performance of the enclosure, including wall and roof panels, doors, windows and ventilation systems.
  • Installation services that can be included in IAC Acoustics' scope of supply.


Acoustic Applications

Acoustic enclosures from IAC are used for industrial noise control applications including:

* Diesel engine gen-sets, where a cost effective, rugged and high-performance enclosure shields employees and the community from engine radiated noise.

* Compressor enclosures, to house both gas engine and electric motor powered large scale industrial compressors for process, power and gas transmission applications.

* In-plant Personnel Noise Shelters where their outstanding sound-blocking capabilities isolate staff from noisy shop floor environments while the integrated lighting, electrical and HVAC systems create a comfortable and productive work environment.

* Control rooms and operator pulpits, where occupants are protected from hazardous production areas such as forges and smelters. Moduline enclosures with ballistic and fire rated constructions and heavy gauge solid steel exteriors offer physical as well as acoustic protection

* Vehicle and component test cells that generate high noise levels that need to be isolated from engineering and production staff. IAC Acoustics test cells are commonly used in both product development test applications as well as production test applications, such as: electronic audio component manufacturing, automotive development and testing and destructive pressure testing of materials for the healthcare field.

IAC Acoustic Enclosure Colors

IAC screens and enclosures are available in a wide range of standard finishes and colors. These include:

* Galvanized steel with no coating (mill finish).

* Galvanized steel, polyester powder coated.

* Cold rolled steel, polyester powder coated.

* Aluminum

* Stainless steel


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