pacific noise control


Compressors are widely used throughout the power and energy industries. Large scale compressor plants can create noise problems both at the property line and for workers with high noise- exposures. IAC Acoustics Moduline Noishield and Noise-Lock acoustic enclosures, Noise-Lock sound control doors, Noishield acoustic louvers and Quiet-Duct and Conic-Flow air-flow silencers can all be used to contain noise and improve the acoustics of compressor installations. Our product range includes:

* Complete ventilation systems
* Acoustic enclosures
* Plant room noise control



IAC Acoustics has been providing noise reduction solutions to the power generation market for over 50 years. Through the provision of enclosures, exhaust systems, filtration packages and containers, we are able to provide individual aspects or a complete package to your generator set installation.





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