Studio Packages

IAC Acoustics is proud to supply acoustic studios to many of the world’s leading broadcasters, post-production facilities and recording organisations.

Whether it be constructed using our proven system of modular components, customised to any shape or size, the facilities are of outstanding quality, are acoustically tested and often built around our Moduline prefabricated 100mm thick acoustic construction panels.

Flexible Design

  • * Modular
  • * To any size or shape

Rapid, clean installation

  • * Minimal mess / disruption as no 'wet trades' required

Predictable acoustic performance

  • * Laboratory tested
  • * Designed-in performance


  • * Easy dismantling, adaptation and re-assembly

Turnkey approach

  • * Design
  • * Manufacture
  • * Decoration
  • * Customisation - Fabric wall coverings, suspended ceilings, skirtings, carpeting, fire alarms etc