Vehicle Test Chambers


IAC Acoustics designs and manufactures test chambers and structures that provide specific controlled acoustical environments in which to perform accurate and repeatable testing for NVH research and automotive production line
quality control. IAC Acoustics has been at the forefront of providing acoustic testing facilities to the automotive market. With over 60 years of experience, IAC Acoustics has lead the way through innovation and were the first company to
introduce a metal-clad anechoic wedge for use in NVH testing facilities.

Vehicle Semi-Anechoic Chambers are typically used for the measurement of inner and outer noise & vibration of a car with 2WD or 4WD, typically during run-up and coast down and at constant speeds, including the measurement of intake and exhaust, engine compartment, steering wheel and seat rail vibrations. All Chambers supplied by IAC Acoustics meet
the technical compliance of international standards including ISO 3744 and ISO 3745.

Vehicle Test Chambers
*Hemi-Anechoic & Anechoic Chambers
*Pass-By Chambers
*Shake & Rattle Chambers
*Dynamometer Test Cells
*Engine Test Cells
*Reverberation Chambers