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Metro Gold Line (Phase 2)

IAC Acoustics Moving Forward with theSecond Phase for the Metro Gold Line

IAC Acoustics helps to keep communities quieter in Southern California. IAC Acoustics, in coordination with the Ace Fence Company and the IAC Acoustics technical Representative C.E. Pickup Company, has fabricated and installed a second sound barrier system for the Pasadena Metro Gold Line in Southern California. The project included more than 1200 IAC Noishield® FS barrier panels which are available in 24” and 18” heights and up to 16’ long.

The Light Transit rail extends from Union Station in the city to Sierra Madre Villa Blvd in Pasadena for approximately 13 miles long. The extension of this project included more than 700 IAC Acoustics FS/S Noishield® sound barrier panels.

Manufacturing and Installation

The panels endure a five step cleaning process and are factory finished with a tough, thermosetting polyester powder coat available in hundreds of colors and patterns to simulate wood and brick. By including anti-graffiti treatment into the powder coating process, the IAC Acoustics FS/S Noishield® sound barrier panels are much easier to keep clean and maintain.

According to Ace Fence the IAC Acoustics barrier panels are lighter and easier to install than traditional wood and concrete barriers and are ideal for round, bridges, and roof top community noise control applications.

Acoustic Performance

IAC Noishield® FS/S sound barrier systems optimize sound transmission loss and sound transmission properties in a durable aesthetically pleasing wall system. The 5” thick panel is self-draining and the absorptive side is rated NRC 1.05.

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