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Art Institute of California

IAC Acoustics Full Glass Noise-Lock® Doors Quiets Learning Environment for Students at The Art Institute of California

The Art Institute of California-San Francisco teaches students theoretical concepts as well as technical skills. Individuals who want to pursue an Audio Production degree are interested in the field of audio engineering and production. The Audio Production Degree program includes music theory, electronics and recording techniques.

Custom Configurations

Working with the Architect Walters-Storyk Design Group (WSDG), a recording studio designer out of New York, IAC supplied four 3’ x 7’ Noise-Lock® single leaf, full glass door assemblies for the Art Institute. Three of the doors had a sound rating of STC 51 and the other had a sound rating of STC 53. One of the STC 51 doors was a special order and was supplied with 20 min UL, with 24” x 54” vision lite window. The other three doors had 24” x 66” vision lite windows. The doors were used between control rooms and live rooms as well as for the isolation room.

Our engineering and research teams developed this full glass assembly, in a NVLAP accredited laboratory, with excellent noise reduction particularly at the low end which is so important in studios today. IAC’s STC 51 full glass assembly door is laboratory certified and field proven in installations worldwide. More than half of the door is glass with no compromise to the acoustic isolation of the assembly. Optional finishes include choices from among sixty-two different wood veneers along with paint and metal.

In addition to the doors supplied for this project, IAC has certified full glass doors up to STC 55 as well as the capability of constructing your entire studio/music practice room space from our Accutone™2 product line.

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