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Boca Raton

IAC Sound Barriers are Chosen to Help Protect Residents from Construction Noise

IAC Acoustics New York completed a Noishield® sound barrier project at The Boca Beach Club Resort in Boca Raton, Florida. When the resort began construction of a new luxury ocean front mid-rise condominium and hotel refurbishment, the process involved protecting the Boca Beach Club residents from the construction equipment noise, material and debris. With the help of IAC Acoustics engineering and design team, after careful consideration and planning, the Engineer from Kimley-Horn & Associates utilized the IAC Noishield® sound barrier

Manufacturing Process

IAC Noishield® barrier panels are manufactured from 14 gauge solid skin and 20 gauge perforated skin. The Noishield® panels are roll-formed and cold formed button punched to form a five inch thick acoustical panel. They are available in galvanized steel or aluminum materials and can be powder coated in more than 100 colors, smooth and textured finishes.Fill materials used are fiberglass, non-corrosive, resistant to attack by fungus, fire-resistant, vermin proof and non-hygroscopic. The fill material is free draining, self-supporting and retains physical and sound absorptive characteristics after long term exposure to the elements. All materials have a Class A fire rating. The attractive facade with its custom color and alternating absorptive pattern provides superior acoustic performance. The panels have an NRC of 1.05 with an STC 33 rating.


IAC Noishield® sound barrier panels are engineered from the foundation up for structural and acoustical integrity and economical installation. Easy to install low weight modules stack between posts to achieve required wall heights and can be installed with horizontal or vertical reveals.

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