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Chautauqua School of Music

IAC Acoustics Noise-Lock® and Noishield® Components Help Make Sweet Music at the Chautauqua School of Music

IAC Noise-Lock® side lites, IAC Noise-Lock® glass transom panels, IAC Noishield® solid transom panels, IAC VisionWall®, and of course IAC Noise-Lock® what does this concert of IAC components have in common?

High In-Field Noise Reduction Guarantee

IAC supplied new exterior door and window systems for the expansion of the Chautauqua School of Music. The practice rooms were constructed of traditional building materials and each space “enhanced” with IAC Noise-Lock® doors and VisionWall® side lites and transoms designed on the basis of guaranteed high in-field noise reduction. Using a “value engineering” approach, the IAC components were acoustically rated from STC 43 door and window openings up to STC 55 door and window openings. Each practice space was evaluated based on its location and the type of instruments that were being played in each space.

Enhancement Options

Architecturally, the doors and windows were designed by the architect using a variety of finishes and vision panels in the doors. The durable Kynar finish for our aluminum extrusions that comprise our VisionWall® assured a perfect match to the existing finishes and so we were able to maintain the exterior décor of the building.

IAC’s line of Accutone™2 concert series modular practice rooms provides the look and feel of traditional spaces and offers state-of-the-art enhancement options including carpets, space enhancing chair rails, fabric walls interior wood finishes for floors and desk tops, that are consistent with traditional construction.

Our modular practice rooms are also enhanced with ADR technology, designed to encourage music education worldwide.

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