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DRT Chicago

IAC’s FS/S Noishield® Roof Top Barrier Helps to Keep the Community Quiet for DRT in the Chicago Central Business District

IAC Acoustics delivered a turnkey project for Digital Reality Trust in Chicago. Located in the South Loop of the Chicago Central Business District, DRT is the premier mission critical data center and telecommunications facility in the Midwest. Located between McCormick Place and several high end commercial and residential properties, the property has over 1,000,000 square feet of rental space and boasts significant electrical and HVAC infrastructure as well as robust telecom access critical to enterprise data center tenants. The HVAC infrastructure consisted of several large noisy pieces of equipment all located on the roof of this eight story historic building.

IAC Acoustics' Expertise

IAC Acoustics was tasked with developing a barrier wall that would be acoustically compatible with the community and not compromise the historical significance of the building. Designs were submitted and analyzed, and prototypes were built. The Architect on this project OWP/P and the IAC Acoustics team concluded that the FS/S Noishield® sound barrier system with its exceptional sound absorption and sound transmission loss capabilities as well as the added decorative treatment clearly satisfied the acoustical and aesthetic requirements of the city.


The scope entailed more than (500) Noishield® FS/S sound barrier panels spanning 800 lineal feet and totaling 2,000 sq. ft. with an additional (33) 7' x 17' decorative face assemblies in a complimentary powder coated finish color to meet the stringent aesthetic criteria as set forth by the architect. Fill materials used are fiberglass, non-corrosive, resistant to attack by fungus, fire-resistant, vermin-proof and non-hygroscopic. This material is also free draining, self-supporting and retains physical and sound absorptive characteristics after long-term exposure to the elements. All materials have a Class A fire rating and the panels have an NRC 1.05.

This project was designed, reviewed, approved, delivered and installed within six months of IAC Acoustics being awarded the contract. DRT is now quietly providing premier mission critical data center and telecommunications services in South Chicago.

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