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Fridley School

The ABC’s of School Noise Control

The City of Fridley, Minnesota utilized IAC Acoustics FS/S Noishield® sound barrier system to quiet and control chiller noise for five schools in their district. The ground level enclosures were three-sided and approximately six panels high using both 2’-0” (609.6mm) high and 1’-6” (457mm) high panels, 5” (127mm) thick and absorptive on one side.

Custom Configurations

Each site was custom configured based on the unique equipment layout and included foundation and structural support steel design. The barrier system for each school was designed with a single and/or double leaf Noise-Lock®Sound Control access door for maintenance. The panels are removable in the event of major equipment failure. IAC Acoustics turn-key services can deliver your next environmental noise control solution.

Manufacturing and Installation

These IAC Acoustics Noishield® sound panels were supplied with a three mil thick textured powder coated finish. All sound barrier panels are factory finished using a polyester powder coating for exterior applications and are available in over 100 colors with smooth or textured finishes to satisfy a variety of applications.

Each of the five schools in the city of Fridley were sequenced for installation including foundations, structural steel,panels and doors. The entire project was designed, manufactured and installed within ten weeks from approval.

IAC Acoustics Noishield® FS/S sound barrier systems optimize sound transmission loss and sound transmission properties in a durable aesthetically pleasing wall system. The 5” thick panel is self-draining and the absorptive side is rated NRC 1.05 and an STC 33.

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