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Lawrence Hall

Together IAC Acoustics and Lawrence Hall Have Built a Better Community

IAC Noishield® FS/S roof top sound barrier systems are designed to protect communities against noise from air conditioners, pumps, compressors and fans. In the Chicago area, Lawrence Hall Youth Services is a non-profit child welfare agency designed to improve the community by developing the self worth, knowledge and skill of their youth to lead independent productive lives. Together IAC Acoustics and Lawrence Hall are making the community a quieter and better place.

Custom Configurations

IAC Acoustics Noishield® roof top barrier systems are designed and pre-engineered including structural steel and support systems. The low weight panels are 2’ tall and stack vertically to achieve any height and configuration. The roof top barrier includes more than 50 individual panels which can be removed for major equipment access. Also included is an IAC Noise-Lock® door for regular maintenance access to the equipment.

Manufacturing and Installation

All IAC Noishield® sound barrier panels are factory finished using a polyester powder coating for exterior applications and are available in over 100 colors with smooth or textured finishes to satisfy a variety of applications. Fill materials used are fiberglass, noncorrosive, resistant to attach by fungus, fire-resistant, vermin-proof and non hygroscopic. The fill material is also free draining, self supporting and retains physical and sound absorptive characteristics after long-term exposure to the elements. All materials have a Class A fire rating.

Acoustic Performance

IAC Noishield® FS/S sound barrier systems optimize sound transmission loss and sound transmission properties in a durable aesthetically pleasing wall system. The 5” thick panel is self-draining and the absorptive side is rated NRC 1.05 and an STC 33. IAC Acoustics delivered another successful turn-key roof-top sound barrier application that delivers the acoustic and aesthetic expectation of the architect without compromising the operation of the mechanical equipment located on the roof-top.

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