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Mando America

IAC Acoustics Provides Turn-key Test Chamber for Mando America

IAC Acoustics has successfully carried out a number of turnkey acoustic test facility projects around the world. As a turnkey supplier, everything from the initial concept design through to the final commissioning is carried out by IAC.

IAC completed a turn-key project was for Mando America, a company who provides “the most important parts for car chassis and other parts that determine the performance of cars”. By opting for a turnkey solution, Mando was able to consolidate costs via one single supplier, reducing overall spending and minimizing administrative input.

Customized Configurations

Adjacent to the test chamber (41’-2” long x 26’-2” wide x 15’-7” High) is a Moduline® control room (36’ long x 10’ wide x 8’-5” high). The test chamber as well as the control room were supplied with STC 47 standard flat panel Noise-Lock® windows (96” wide x 8’ high) facing each other so that the workers could watch as they do the tests.

Special doors are required for anechoic chamber facilities in order to maintain the same level of absorption as other walls and surfaces. An anechoic facility can solely utilize basket doors, or be used in conjunction with IAC’s Noise- Lock® range of high performance doors. The test chamber for Mando has an IAC Noise-Lock® double leaf door 10’ wide x 10’ high double leaf with a basket door and the control room has a Noise-Lock® single leaf door 3’ wide x 7’ high with STC 53 ratings for both.

The silenced ventilation system was designed to process a flow of 10,000 CFM. IAC also provided silencers for the supply and discharge of the ventilation air.

Ancillary Equipment

In addition to core acoustic products, IAC is also able to offer full integration of other ancillary equipment within the facilities, including electrical items (lighting, alarms, sensors, CCTV, etc.) and mechanical plant and equipment.

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