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Nomura Securities

IAC Acoustics FS/S Noishield® Sound Barrier System Helps Keep the Community Quiet for Nomura Securities

IAC Acoustics FS/S Noishield® louvered sound barrier systems are designed to protect the communities against noise generated by air condensers, pumps, chillers, fans and compressors where restricted airflow caused by an all solid barrier is a concern.

Custom Configurations

Nomura Securities, located in Piscataway New Jersey, had a noise level that exceeded community noise ordinance along the property line. By incorporating the IAC Acoustics FS/S Noishield® Model LP louver and Model FS/S Noishield® barrier panels into our sound barrier system, we were able to achieve the acoustic requirement without compromising the airflow. IAC Acoustics designed and specified our Noishield® LP louvers to allow the wall to be in close proximity to their generators and air cooled condensers to prevent the formation of a micro climate where the exhaust is recalculated through the intakes.


For the Nomura project IAC Acoustics provided an FS/S Noishield® sound barrier system with wall segments arranged in a “C” shaped configuration. The segments have a 512’ overall length with heights that range from 18’ to 23’ above the base of the wall. The wall consists of 4,619 sq.ft. of Model LP specialty louvers and 5,557 sq.ft. of model FS/S Noishield® sound barrier panels. The barrier system also includes forty-three 8’ deep footings and three Noise-Lock® STC 28 roll-up doors.

All barrier systems are factory finished using polyester powder coating for exterior applications and are available in over 100 colors with smooth or textured finishes to blend with the community and environment. The louvers are rated for transmission loss and pressure drop in IAC Acoustics’ Aero-Acoustic Laboratory.

Working with IAC Acoustics Representative Quietstar Industries, USA Architects, Acoustical Consultant Cerami, Mechanical Engineer Jaros, Baum & Bolles, and Contractor Joseph J. Jingoli & Sons; the end result was another successful turn-key FS/S barrier system that delivered the acoustic and aesthetic expectations of the customer without compromising the operation of the mechanical equipment.

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