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Second Line Stages Film Studio

IAC Acoustics Noise-Lock® Doors Provide IAC Acoustics Noise-Lock® Doors Provide Film Studio in New Orleans

The IAC Noise-Lock® sound control doors has made a significant contribution to the nation’s first ever “green”independent film studio facility, Second Line Stages. Second Line States was built to comply with the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Silver certification standard, which is awarded to structures that achieve superior environmental performance. The studio operations are designed to enable cleaner, smarter, more responsible physical production practices. The studio will provide a training resource center for jobs in the film industry and create a green collar workforce that can implement best practices on other productions throughout the region.

Custom Configurations

IAC provided a turnkey solution to Second Line Stages which included nineteen Noise-Lock® swing doors STC 43 to STC 54, two super Noise-Lock® swing doors, and one vertical power-operated slide door. Due to the high traffic area of in the lower garden district of New Orleans, the architect specified the vertical powered slide door to have an STC 54 requirement. This slide door is 16’ - 10” wide x 19’ - 10” high with an STC 54. IAC was able to meet the architect’s need to engineer and construct this vertical slide door and achieve the desired acoustical rating.

IAC doors are produced as engineered systems; each complete system, including leaf, split-frame, seals, hinges, and latching hardware is factory assembled and laboratory tested for performance in a NVLAP Accredited Laboratory.

IAC is a manufacturer that understands our products need to contribute to sustainable building design. We are able to engineer and design our products to meet acoustical requirements and to have sustainable qualities. IAC is committed to the global environment and our natural resources.

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