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Super Target - Noishield Cladding Panel

IAC Acoustics Noishield® Cladding Panels Protect Neighbors of Florida-Based Super Target

IAC Acoustics recently completed a Noishield Cladding panel project for Target's Coral Springs Super-Store.

A key consideration for Target's site development included shielding Coral Springs residents from loading dock noise. Delivery truck traffic and mechanical equipment both had potential to disturb neighbors a short distance away. Appearance and durability were equally important. Any proposed noise control system had to match the style and appearance of the site to blend in and avoid visually highlighting the noise source.

KKE Architects and Sikon Construction contacted IAC Acoustics for assistance and determined that Noishield Cladding panels met all of their project's needs. Noishield Cladding panels selected for the Super Target project were highly sound absorptive and provided a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) rating of 1.00 at a thickness of only 2.5". All Noishield Cladding systems easily attach to masonry, adding sound absorption to reflective surfaces and greatly reducing noise radiated into the community.

Noishield Cladding panels are roll-formed with exceedingly flat uniform faces for architectural applications. More than 10 stock colors and over 100 RAL colors, including metallics, simplify color coordination.

Noishield Cladding panels feature pitched tops to shed rain and perforated bottoms to quickly drain and dry. G-90 Galvanized steel or aluminum materials and a powder-coat on both interior and exterior surfaces ensure exceptional corrosion resistance.

KKE Architects selected Noishield Cladding for superior acoustic performance, appearance and durability. Sikon Construction benefited from short manufacturing lead times and flexible attachment methods. Light-weight Noishield Cladding panels were stacked between "Z" and "Hat" track supports anchored to existing walls. IAC Acoustics' authorized installers coordinated with Sikon and completed the work efficiently, allowing the Coral Springs Super Target to open on schedule.

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