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Talking House Studios

IAC Acoustics Noise-Lock® Doors Guarantee In-Field Noise Reduction at Talking House Studios in California

IAC supplied more than twenty Noise-Lock® sound control door assemblies for Talking House Studios in the heart of San Francisco. The acoustically and aesthetically unique recording studio consists of a large SSL Mix room, two small Edit/Mix suites with dedicated isolation booths and a single share live room. The facility was planned so that the rooms could be used simultaneously or independently by the three principle writers /producers of Talking House. Each room was designed to operate at 95 dB without any bleed into the other rooms.

Custom Configurations

Isolation was a key factor in the success of the facility. IAC Noise-Lock® doors were installed because of their guaranteed in-field noise reduction. The challenge for the door design was full glass panels in both the single and double leaf configurations with no compromise to the acoustic isolation of the assembly. IAC’s engineering and research teams, testing in an NVLAP accredited laboratory, developed this full glass assembly with excellent noise reduction, particularly at the low end which is so important in studios today. IAC is the only company with STC 55 full glass assembly, laboratory certified and field proven in installations worldwide.


IAC Noise-Lock® sound control doors are produced as engineered systems. Each complete system, including leaf, split-frame, seals, hinges, latching hardware,glass and glazing is fully factory assembled.

The assembly is pre-hung and factory tested for alignment, fit, and ease of operation prior to shipment. This reduces installation costs and virtually eliminates in-field construction errors that can affect the performance. The door assemblies are easily installed during the finish phase of construction using the IAC patented split frame design. Hinges are cam-lift and the bottom seal is passive and Teflon coated for ease of operation. The Noise-Lock® architectural line is available UL10C fire rating in single, double and multi-leaf configurations.

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