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IAC Acoustics Introduces a Complete Line of Acoustics Test Facilities

Anechoic Chamber

N. Aurora – April 2, 2019 – IAC Acoustics a leading manufacturer of metal noise control products and solutions serving the industrial, commercial, architectural, and construction industries is pleased to introduce a complete range of acoustic test facilities.

Microdyne® Anechoic Chambers- Our single and double wall anechoic chambers are designed to provide high transmission loss characteristics allowing for precise sound measurements in a free-field acoustic environment. We design and construct chambers ranging from STC 40 to STC 70.

Metadyne® Anechoic Wedges- Anechoic wedges are ideal for large facilities which require low frequencies to be absorbed for testing products such as cars or engines. The rugged wedge construction and their long life span offer advantages to laboratories working with heavy equipment and/or flammable materials

Macrodyne Reverberation Chambers- Reverberation chambers can be considered the opposite of and are designed to reflect, rather than absorb sound energy. Reverberation rooms are designed for the determination of sound power output of noise sources, transmission loss of partitions, insertion loss of silencers, response characteristics of microphones and random incidence absorption coefficients of materials

“We are very excited to offer this exceptional line of Acoustic Test Facilities,” said Thomas Heins, National Sales Manager for IAC Acoustics. “These are high performing, highly technical rooms that are extremely precise and effective in creating the ideal space for accurate testing.”

IAC Acoustics can design and build test facilities to meet any requirements. From testing household appliances and electronic components to measuring the acoustics of generators and industrial machinery, we can provide a solution to meet your needs.


About IAC Acoustics

IAC Acoustics leads the market in metal noise control system products and solutions, including HVAC silencers, acoustic louvers, sound control architectural doors and windows, and sound proof rooms.

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Jennifer Chagnon
Marketing Director, Sound Seal

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