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IAC Acoustics Unveils the Accutone2® Assent™ Medical Booth for Rapid Installation and Superior Performance

Naperville, IL – June 18, 2024 - IAC Acoustics, a Catalyst Acoustics Group company and leading brand of noise control products and solutions serving the industrial, commercial, architectural, and construction industries, proudly announces the launch of the Accutone2® Assent™ Series, a state-of-the-art low-profile medical booth designed to transform audiometric testing facilities.

The Accutone2 Assent stands out for its unparalleled ease and speed of installation, providing a highly efficient solution for modern audiometric testing needs.

"We understand that time and efficiency are critical for audiometric testing and booths in medical environments," said Rodrigo Muzquiz, Architectural Sales Manager at IAC Acoustics. "The Accutone2 Assent is engineered for ease of access and minimizes installation time without compromising quality or performance."

Key features of the Accutone2 Assent include:

  • Rapid Installation: The innovative design has a sheet steel floor with underlayments that emphasize efficiency
  • High Performance: The medical booth offers superior construction and functionality, outperforming traditional solutions in the market today
  • ADA Compliance: The booth's low-profile design, featuring a half-inch rise and a 33" opening door, ensures seamless ADA compliance from the moment of installation, eliminating the need for post-installation modifications
  • Optimal Dimensions: With customizable configurations, the booth provides ample space for accurate and effective audiometric testing

For more information about the Accutone2 Assent and other IAC Acoustics products, please visit or contact


IAC Acoustics is a leading provider of noise control solutions, dedicated to innovation and excellence in the design and manufacture of acoustic products. With a focus on delivering superior performance and quality, IAC Acoustics serves a wide range of industries, including medical, industrial, and commercial sectors.


Catalyst Acoustics Group is the parent company of an elite group of acoustic, seismic, vibration and noise control companies that together, offer the broadest portfolio of noise control solutions in the market today. The independent brands, channels to market, products and services offered by each business remain unique, while leveraging the deep functional expertise, broad channel reach, significant financial resources and much larger scale of the combined Catalyst Acoustics Group. 

Media Contact:

Adam Hritzak
Content Marketing Manager
Catalyst Acoustics Group

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