Industrial Noise Control (INC®) Dyno Test Rooms for Chassis

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Designed specifically for use with either above ground or pit mounted automotive dynamometers capable of testing up to 1500 HP vehicles, we offer two standard room sizes to provide the best match and use of space for a wide variety of dynamometer set-ups. Rooms are sized to accommodate front, rear and all-wheel drive vehicles. Due to the nature and size of a typical automotive dynamometer installation it is not uncommon for us to design and provide a custom sized room to meet your specific requirements.

Standard Included Features & Specifications

  • 4” thick Moduline® construction
  • Interior ceiling height of 9’-0” for pit mounted dyno
  • Interior ceiling height of 12’-0” for above ground dyno
  • One STC-51 vehicle entry door 8’ wide x 8’ high double leaf
  • One STC-51 personnel entry door 3’ wide x 7’ high single leaf
  • One viewing window 60” wide x 42” high

Popular Accessories & Options

  • Powerful SuperVent™ ventilation system with single interior exhaust stack
  • Larger double leaf vehicle entry doors available
  • Additional viewing windows available up to 96” wide
  • Pre-wired modular lighting and electric package
  • Factory prime and finish painting
  • Interlocking full rubber floor system
  • Operator control room add-on (6’ deep with additional personnel door)
  • Explosion vent relief panels
  • Auxiliary fans for transmission and tire cooling

BMG Chooses IAC Acoustics Accutone2 Studio for New York Location

IAC Acoustics Accutone2 Studio was chosen for its proven performance, modularity and flexibility. Specced out at a Noise Isolation Class (NIC) of 53, the space ensures that the artists do not disturb workers in the office space and vice versa.