Mini-Acoustical Chambers

Preassembled Research Chambers Ready for In-Field Placement & Immediate Use

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IAC Acoustics’ MAC (Mini-Acoustical Chambers) are preassembled chambers ready for in-field placement and immediate use. MAC enclosures are typically used in research. Most commonly found at universities and hospitals, the MAC enclosures can be used for a wide range of applications. These enclosures come in a variety of sizes and can support tech and / or animal research.

Standard Features Include

  • Portable
  • Pre-assembled
  • Ready for use (plug-in power)
  • Built-in ventilation & lighting
  • Baked polyester powder coated
  • Includes IAC Acoustics floor system, acoustic door & double glazed window
  • Blank audiometric jack plate

Optional Features

  • One-way glass
  • Inner surfaces (excluding ceiling) of 22 gauge solid stainless steel
  • RF Shielding (60 cycle grounding)
  • Casters for mobility & ease of use


Model MAC-1:

Outside Dimensions:
27" wide x 21" deep x 25" high
(686 mm x 533 mm x 635 mm)

Inside Dimensions:
23" wide x 16" deep x 14" high
(584 mm x 406 mm x 356 mm)

Model MAC-2:

Outside Dimensions:
32" wide x 32" deep x 52" high
(813 mm x 813 mm x 1321 mm)

Inside Dimensions:
24" wide x 24" deep x 32" high
(610 mm x 610 mm x 813 mm)

Model MAC-3:

Outside Dimensions:
40" wide x 32" deep x 44" high
(1016 mm x 813 mm x 1118 mm)

Inside Dimensions:
32" wide x 24" deep x 24" high
(813 mm x 610 mm x 610 mm)


Model MAC-1:
230 lbs (shipped assembled)

Model MAC-2 / MAC-3:
600 lbs (shipped assembled)

Standard Color

All Models: Khaki Shade
(additional colors available upon request)

Acoustical Performance

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