In-Plant Custom Engineered Solutions

Customized Acoustical Systems to Isolate Equipment & Noise Sources

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IAC Acoustics provides custom engineered noise solutions, manufacturing a broad range of noise control products, systems and structures to solve the most common to the most unusual and complex noise control problems.

IAC’s unique ability to provide truly customized acoustical systems in a timely and cost-effective manner ensures that your specific project needs and performance goals will never be compromised simply to fit into a standard product offering or pre-conceived solution.

Whether you have a complete detailed set of plans and specifications that you need to procure or you have a noise problem that needs a custom solution tailored to meet your goals, IAC Acoustics has the design and manufacturing capabilities to provide practical, high-performing solutions.

Typical Applications

The variety and type of noise control solutions are endless when combining the basic Moduline module with our full range of components and accessories. Consider these applications:

  • Machinery sound enclosures
  • Quiet rooms
  • Sound booths
  • Control rooms
  • Pulpits
  • Soundproof partitions
  • Noise barriers
  • Factory offices
  • QC Rooms
  • Pressurized HVAC plenums
  • Generator enclosures
  • Printing press enclosures
  • Transfer press sound enclosures
  • Dynamometer test cells
  • Product testing chambers
  • Sound walls
  • Equipment screens
  • Thermal spray rooms
  • Blower enclosures
  • and many more

Moduline® Modular Acoustical Metal Panel System

Rugged Noise Control Structures Using Acoustically Rated & Field Proven Demountable Components

IAC's Moduline product line consists of pre-engineered, modular acoustical panels and components that can be configured and assembled into a wide variety of structures. Moduline is particularly suited for applications requiring a high degree of noise reduction of up to 40 decibels or more.

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  • Unlimited Size & Configurations
  • Interior & Exterior Applications
  • Several panel design styles
  • Panel Thickness from 2" to 8"
  • Performance levels up to STC-70
  • Access hatches
  • Custom viewing windows
  • Silenced ventilation systems
  • Many finishing options

Moduline® Pre-Assembled Noise Enclosures

Pre-Engineered | Factory Finished | High Performance | Rugged Portability

IAC's Moduline Pre-Assembled Noise Enclosures offer a high performance, cost-effective alternative to field built solutions using conventional construction materials or modular acoustical components and is the ideal solution for projects with limited time, space or funding.

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  • Drop in-place noise control
  • Creative design possibilities
  • Controlled fit & finish
  • High acoustical performance
  • Guaranteed finished results
  • Rugged construction
  • Electrical & ventilation accessories
  • Shorter overall project lead time
  • No construction mess or debris
  • Crane or forklift portability
  • Fixed total project cost

Moduline® Test and Measurement Chambers

IAC's Moduline Test & Measurement Chambers provide a controlled acoustical environment to perform accurate, repeatable product testing. Our systems provide high acoustic isolation from ambient environment and low interior noise level.

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  • High sound level isolation
  • Modular or unitized construction
  • Isolated floors
  • Single or double wall construction
  • Variety of personnel doors
  • Automatic parts entry doors
  • Silenced ventilation systems
  • Cable & instrumentation sleeves
  • Anechoic interior wedges available
  • Site or factory assembled
  • RFI / EMI shielding available

Noishield® Sound Barrier Systems

IAC's Noishield Sound Barrier System consists of pre-engineered, modular tongue and groove acoustical panels that can be easily configured and assembled into enclosures, screens, partial enclosures and barriers.

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  • Horizontal interlocking panel design
  • Ground or rooftop mounting
  • Durable attractive finish options
  • One or two sided sound absorption
  • Straight walls, partial or complete enclosures
  • Structural support systems available
  • Wind load resistance to 120 MPH

Noise-Foil® Metal Faced Acoustical Wall & Ceiling Panels

IAC Noise-Foil Acoustical Metal Panels combine maximum noise absorption and durability in an attractive modular unit. These perforated panels instantly reduce noise levels and control reverberation.

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  • Formed perforated panel body
  • Formed perforated panel body
  • Variety of paint & powder finishes
  • Several fill encapsulation options
  • Flat faced or V-grooved panel design
  • Variety of mounting methods
  • Several sound absorbing fills
  • NRC up to 1.25

Literature & Specifications

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Isolating people is typically done when personnel require substantial protection from excessive noise levels where the noise cannot be cost-effectively reduced at the source, where no single piece of equipment can be identified or easily treated, or where a particular process needs to be performed by an employee in a controlled sound isolated environment.

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Industrial Noise Control

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Isolating a noise source is typically done when a single dominant source such as a machine, process or operation can be identified as the primary offender or when it is creating excessive noise levels affecting a large area or number of personnel.

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Case Studies

Maraschino Cherry - Brooklyn, New York

QuietStar Industries designed and installed a 3-sided IAC Noishield Regular wall using galvanized construction and panels having an STC 40 and NRC 0.95.

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In an effort to comply with OSHA’s hearing conservation requirements, a national distribution center needed to reduce its employee noise exposure significantly.

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