Industrial Noise Control (INC®) Dyno Test Rooms for Motorcycles

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Configured specifically for use with motorcycle and ATV dynamometers, we offer several standard room sizes to provide the best match and use of space for a wide variety of dynamometer set-ups. Our 12’ x 15’ room is by far the most popular size and is fast becoming the standard in the motorcycle industry!

Popular Accessories & Options

  • Powerful SuperVent™ ventilation system with dual interior exhaust stacks
  • Larger double leaf entry door 6’ wide
  • Additional 42” wide viewing windows
  • Large wide-view picture windows available in 60” and 96” widths
  • Pre-wired modular lighting and electric package
  • Factory prime and finish painting
  • Heavy duty adjustable exhaust hose stands
  • Vibration Isolation mounting pads for dynamometer
  • Interlocking full rubber floor system
  • Outdoor weather kits

Standard Included Features & Specifications

  • 4” thick Moduline® construction
  • Interior ceiling height of 8’-0” (adequate for both pit and floor mounted dynamometers)
  • One STC-51 entry door 4’ wide x 7’ high single leaf
  • One viewing window 42” wide x 42” high (can be located conveniently around the room)

Case Study

Motorcycle Dyno Test Cell to Black Gold Harley-Davidson

Black Gold Harley-Davidson is a leading motorcycle dealer in Dallas, TX. In 2020, Black Gold was ready for a state-of-the-art Dyno test cell room to support the purchase of their Dynojet dynamometer system.

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