IAC Acoustics Sentry®

Modular Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF)

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IAC Acoustics has been long regarded as the leader in the development of modular Secure Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF) and RF/Acoustic Shielded facilities and products.

These facilities are now available with Accutone2 enhanced performance. The Accutone2 Sentry Series combines industry-rated, laboratory tested and proven in-field performance with contemporary aesthetics that offer the look and feel of traditional construction within modular units.

IAC Acoustics' new range of architectural acoustic rooms are completely engineered environments with interior acoustic treatments, providing a variety of colors and finishes to complement any architectural design.

The prefabricated panel design makes for simple and cost effective installation giving dimensional flexibility and offering both solo and group spaces.

IAC Sentry Features

  • Complete assemblies are acoustically rated
  • Aesthetically pleasing, weather-resistant cladding
  • Handle wind loads as high as 120 miles per hour and roof loads of 50lb/sq ft or higher
  • Resist seismic loads of Zone 4 magnitude without additional external support
  • UL, wind and seismic approvals
  • Bullet/blast resistant construction
  • Light-weight, 4" thick panels available with RF shielding within shell construction
  • Fire rated
  • Magnetic seals for doors
  • Silent ventilation systems
  • Laminate wood floor covering
  • Integral LED lighting, integrated power outlets and light/fan switches

IAC Sentry Design Advantages

  • Guaranteed sound isolation ratings
  • Cleaner and faster installation
  • Easily expanded or relocated/demountable
  • Closure panels produce a complete built-in appearance for multi-room suites

IAC Sentry Options Include

  • Custom Room Dimensions
  • Floating/Isolated floors
  • Custom acoustic treatments
  • Floor finishes

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