INC Dyno Shell™

Motorcycle Ventilation Enclosures

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Professional Motorcycle, Trike & ATV Performance Ventilation Enclosures for the PowerSports Industry 

The INC Dyno Shell by IAC Acoustics is a cost-effective product that meets your budget and provides a quality test environment. A pre-engineered and manufactured INC Dyno Shell is much less costly and performs better than any custom designed, contractor or self-built room using conventional building materials. This design can be upgraded for higher acoustical performance at any time.

The design of the new line IAC Dyno Shell room delivers a reliable proper ventilation system and has the option to contain noise within the space if the end user needs to comply to noise regulation codes. In addition, The INC Dyno Shell Test Rooms are easy to install, move, change and modify due to their modular design and extremely light construction. 

Lights. Camera. Action.

INC Dyno Shell Benefits

  • Provides a controlled testing environment
  • Provides a safe workspace for technicians
  • Eliminates dangerous fumes
  • Protects dynamometer equipment by providing cooling air flow through aerodynamically designed inlet plenum
  • Effortless assembly, no construction hassle or dust
  • Predictable costs help to stay on budget
  • Fast and predictable project completion allows for accurate & reliable business planning

Standard Included Features & Specifications

  • Lightweight hollow panel construction (STC-27 with solid steel exterior)
  • Interior ceiling height of 8’-0” or 9'-0" ( adequate for both pit & floor mounted dynamometers)
  • Front floor mounted fresh air inlet plenum with fixed wall grill
  • One or two mounted exhaust fans
  • One STC-33 single leaf swing door (4' wide x 7' high)
  • One 30" wide x 42" high viewing window that can be located conveniently around the room
  • Detailed assembly drawing instructions

Popular Accessories & Options

  • Powerful SuperVent® ventilation system with dual interior exhaust stacks
  • Larger double swing entry door (6’ or 7' wide)
  • Additional 30” wide viewing windows
  • Additional acoustic panel kit (includes QFA panels, grommets, hooks, stick pins & caps)
  • Pre-wired modular lighting & electric package
  • Factory baked powder coat vibrant color finishes
  • Heavy duty adjustable exhaust hose stands
  • Hi-temp exhaust hose kit
  • Interlocking full rubber floor system

Layouts & Dimensions

Typical layouts and dimensions for standard INC Dyno Shell Test Rooms are shown below. For a complete set of room plans and specifications, contact IAC Acoustics. 

Room Size W L H 1-Pane Window Additional Windows Door 6' Double Door Shell Panel Fill
12' x 10' 12' 10' 8' or 9' 30" x 42" AVAILABLE 4' x 7' AVAILABLE AVAILABLE
12' x 10' 12' 10' 8' or 9' 30" x 42" AVAILABLE 4' x 7' AVAILABLE AVAILABLE
12' x 15' 12' 15' 8' or 9' 30" x 42" AVAILABLE 4' x 7' AVAILABLE AVAILABLE

Case Study

Motorcycle Dyno Test Cell to Black Gold Harley-Davidson

Black Gold Harley-Davidson is a leading motorcycle dealer in Dallas, TX. In 2020, Black Gold was ready for a state-of-the-art Dyno test cell room to support the purchase of their Dynojet dynamometer system.

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