Metadyne® Wedges


Metadyne anechoic and hemi-anechoic test rooms have been chosen by the world’s leading companies for the many unique advantages they have over rooms built using other materials, such as fiberglass or foam. Metadyne wedges were developed by IAC Acoustics as a solution to some of the problems associated with using 100% foam or fiberglass. IAC Acoustics was the first manufacturer to provide acoustic performance of the highest standard with a range of wedges which are entirely encased in perforated metallic casings.

Metadyne wedges are ideal for large facilities which require low frequencies to be absorbed for testing products such as cars or engines. The rugged wedge construction and their long life span offer advantages to laboratories working with heavy equipment and /or flammable materials

Metadyne metal-faced anechoic wedges offer:

• Guaranteed acoustic performance with very low cut-off frequencies
• Compliance with international test standards, including ISO 3745, ISO 3744, ISO 26101
• Superior fire and impact resistance
• Greater durability and a longer lifespan than any other wedge type
• Ease of cleaning to ensure an “as new” appearance throughout their working life
• A bright, healthy and safe working environment for test personnel
• Many paint options available to match corporate colors