IAC Acoustics is committed to staying connected with our reps, customers and constituents.  One way we are doing this is providing distance learning courses, through webinars, to stay up to date on our products and services.   See our upcoming topics below, and register for a session today.     

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Noishield Continuline Sound Barrier Webinar

IAC’s Noishield Continuline Sound Barrier is more aesthetically pleasing than a traditional barrier wall — it allows architects and customers to conceal their structural members. Sign up to learn more!

Scheduled Date & Time:

  • Wednesday November 4th @ 1:30 CDT
  • Wednesday November 11th @ 1:30 CDT
  • Wednesday November 18st @ 1:30 CDT
  • Wednesday November 25th @ 1:30 CDT

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Previously Recorded Webinars

IAC Medical & Life Sciences

Jeremy Vizza, Architectural Sales Manager for IAC Acoustics, gives a quick & informative webinar about IAC’s Audiometric Testing and Medical Research Facilities.

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Super Noise Lock Doors

Super Noise-Lock doors are IAC's solution to "elephant doors". These oversized acoustic doors exceed 14' x 14' and are typically used in openings such as stage doors for movie sets, anechoic chambers and large industrial enclosures.

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HVAC Noise Control

This webinar features IAC’s HVAC Silencers and Acoustic Louvers, presented by Darren Riley, IAC Acoustics' HVAC Product Sales Manager

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STC 43 Door

Mike Rubino, IAC Acoustics' Architectural Door & Window Specialist, for this webinar featuring Noise-Lock STC-43 Door.

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NVH Test Enclosures

IAC Acoustics provides test chambers that provide specific controlled acoustical environments in which to perform accurate & repeatable testing for NVH (noise, vibration & harshness) research and automotive production line quality control.

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Noise Foil Absorption Panels

IAC’s Noise-Foil acoustical metal panels combine maximum noise absorption and durability in an attractive, modular unit.  Presented by an O’Brien, Commercial Industrial Sales Manager for IAC Acoustics.

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Accutone2 Enclosures

IAC Acoustics offers a complete range of certified, high-performance voice-over, broadcasting and post-production rooms & suites. Presented by Jeremy Vizza, Architectural Sales Engineer for IAC Acoustics

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Reverberation Chambers

Ted Marquis, Industrial Sales Manager for IAC Acoustics, gives a quick & informative webinar to about IAC’s Macrodyne Reverberation Chambers.

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