Noise-Lock® Acoustic Doors

Since 1949 IAC Acoustics has installed more than 100,000 sound control doors in a wide variety of applications with STC (Sound Transmission Class) ratings from STC 43 to STC 64 and NIC 70 assembly. All IAC sound-rated door designs are tested in the IAC NVLAP accredited Aero-Acoustic Laboratory. Of greater importance is consistently high in-field noise reduction attained under actual job conditions. IAC delivers a fully factory assembled door unit including leaf, time saving split frame, seals, latching hardware and glazing. IAC Noise-Lock® custom doors are designed to meet your specific functional and dimensional access requirements.

More Information

  • * Fully factory assembly and functional testing
  • * Self-aligning magnetic seals provide durability and high field STC ratings under adverse conditions
  • * Cam-lift hinges and ADA compliance
  • * NVLAP Laboratory Testing of all designs
  • * Time saving split frame
  • * Wood Veneer finish over 100 species
  • * SCIF Rooms

20, 60, 90 min and 3-hr Fire  3 PSI Blast  STC 43 to 64 and NIC 70 assembly.

* Auditoriums
* Concert Halls
* Control Rooms
* Convention Centers
* Conference Rooms
* Engine Test Cells
* Music Practice Areas
* Offices
* Machinery Enclosures
* Radio
* Mechanical Equipment Rooms
* Recording Studios
* Secure Areas
* Pulpits
* TV
* Stage/Prop Areas
* RF/Acoustic Shielded Facilities
* Test Facilities
* Vibration Test Labs

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